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Core technology

JCGO, a Java source to C code (java-to-c) translator, is the software product originally developed by Ivan Maidanski. With JCGO you can compile your Java application to machine native code (a binary executable file) making it run faster, consume less system resources, harder to decompile and easier to deploy. Even more, with JCGO you could also make your Java applications run on a wider range of operating systems, computer systems, embedded devices and programmable controllers.

JCGO is a fully Open-source project now.

For more details, please visit JCGO project page.

Core competency

JCGO product/technology has some intersection with the following areas:

Research strategy

Our ongoing efforts are directed to improve the software tools and complementary libraries according to clients' needs, make them more portable (cross-platform), easier to use, more scalable, more advanced in performance and code size, more robust and security, more compatible with the current versions of the used standards and libraries.

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