JCGO: Java and C/C++ web developer resources

A comprehensive collection of links useful for Java and C/C++ developers. Focused on the Java VM implementations and Java compilers. Maintained by Ivan Maidanski, the developer of JCGO...

The following web resource links may be of interest for JCGO users - and hopefully useful for you.

Web resource categories:

C/C++ compiler suites

C/C++ standard "LibC" library implementations

C/C++ stand-alone well-known libraries

C/C++ garbage collector libraries

Small C libraries partially implementing standard API

C/C++ stand-alone graphics libraries

Native executable packers and protectors

Archive (de)compression utilities

DOS extenders, drivers and DOS clones

Java VM with complete SDK suites

Stand-alone Java VM implementation

Java to native code "through C" static compilers

Direct Java to native code static compilers

Java-based PC Operating Systems

C code to Java translators

Multi-language translator suites

Java-to-exe wrappers

Java class decompilers

Java class cross-version converters

Java source and code checkers

Stand-alone Java source to byte code compilers

Java assemblers

Java optimizers and obfuscators

Java properties converters

Java parser generators

Java code analysis libraries

Stand-alone Java Runtime Standard Environment class libraries

OpenJDK integration projects

Java class libraries for real-time systems

C++ libraries implementing Java API

Pure Java CPU emulators

Java stand-alone communication and network libraries

Java GUI libraries

Java stand-alone miscellaneous libraries

Java build-automation tools

Java-based text editor tools

Java benchmarking

Some papers on Java